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a free guide to help your finance game

At Stratos Private Wealth, our Advisor team has helped clients prepare for their ideal retirement using our toolkit of planning essentials, now at your fingertips.

We created this 13-page free guide to help you take the first steps in your financial planning journey, six actions to help with your money mindset. When you’re ready for help applying them to your lifestyle, we’ll be here.

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This guide includes,

  • The pre-retirement priorities you need to implement (and how to do it)
  • 7 tax strategies and the role they play in wealth preservation
  • How to decide and commit to an investment philosophy   
  • Dynamic spending strategies to consider implementing in retirement 
  • Understanding your investment potential, learn how a diversified investment strategy can help enhance your portfolio
  • How retirement plans can be designed to align with not only your long-term goals but life goals
  • Estate planning essentials, including helpful tips on designating beneficiaries