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Paving the Way for Professionals

Our team is here to ensure you're proactive in your financial decisions, you worked hard to get to where you are- now it's time to nurture those earnings and have your assets grow with you.

At Stratos Private Wealth, we've helped executives, engineers, scientists and tech-industry professionals maximize their employer benefits. Our team has spent the last twenty years dedicating our time and knowledge to help employees make the most of company stock options, retirement plans, and insurance benefits.

Executives are focused on their careers, and they should be, but where does that leave retirement planning and investment management? That's where our team comes in. 

Our advisors are here to analyze the intricacies of your company benefits and create a clear path to your ideal retirement or next venture. Not only do we help you calculate how much is 'enough' for your life goals, we can educate you on how to make the most of your company's benefit program. Career changes, salary increases, start-up turned publicly traded company- we're here as your career ebbs and flows. 

Your benefits should be working harder

Maximizing the value of your equity compensation is a pivotal step in your financial plan. Working with a trusted advisor can help you create a strategic plan that aligns with your goals and puts your benefits to work for you.

Simplifying your to-do list is kind of our thing

Have your questions answered
Whether you're unsure about your retirement plan or feeling overwhelmed by stock options, we're here to put your mind at ease. Our team can walk through all the intricacies of your total compensation package.
Leave it to the professionals
Your career has flourished and you know exactly how to navigate your industry and role, us to. Our team lives and breathes finance, we take pride in our work- just like you have for your work
This is your journey

Together we will create the strategic roadmap that will guide you to your financial goals. Navigating you through the turns and paving a smooth path, we're with you all the way.

Schedule a Call to Discuss Equity Compensation

No two professionals are the same, let our advisors walk you through a plan tailored to you and your goals.