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Questions? We thought you might.

Don't worry, we don't mind the hot-seat

Navigating how to begin your financial journey can be- well, rough. Luckily, here at Stratos Private Wealth we're on a mission to make the path as seamless and transparent as possible. Explore our frequently asked questions, both the ones you might already have, and the ones you should ask any firm you are considering to work with.

Do you require a minimum amount to be a client?

While we serve clients from all backgrounds with different interests, and a variety of goals, our toolkit is designed for clients with investable assets in excess of $1.5 million. Our clients are often late career professionals, executives, and business owners. 

This doesn't sound like you? Don't worry, we believe in financial wholeness for everyone and we'll do our best to answer questions and point you in the direction of a vetted professional well-suited for your needs. 

What about fees? How are you paid? We're on your side, and we back that up with a flat-fee structure. Clients pay 1% on the first $1.5M and 0.5% thereafter. Our incentive is directly tied to the preservation and growth of our clients assets. Our flat-fee percentage for the service we provide is collected from the assets managed, our success is directly tied with your success.
What type of clients do you typically work with?

Our clients are not often novices in finance- they have chartered their own success and require an advisor who is just as protective over their nest egg as they are. Often pre-retirees with equity compensation, business owners and high-earning executives seek Stratos Private Wealth for service. Our clients value unmatched expertise, meticulous detail, empathy, and data backed advice to guide them on their journey.

Do you offer any tax assistance?

Yes! We're a tax-minded firm, while we don't file on a clients behalf or help you with your shoebox of receipts (yet!), we do take pride in looking ahead to limit your future tax liability.

Stratos Private Wealth is an extension of your trusted financial and life concierge team. From collaborating with your CPA, evaluating your returns to uncover tax reduction strategies, and utilizing modern tax solutions software like Holistiplan, we make it simple for your taxes and financial plan to intertwine.

How do I get support in between meetings? We understand that a long-lasting relationship is created through prime communication, consistent effort, and seamless delivery. Which is why in addition to your two annual in-depth reviews, and two annual check-ins, we also have full at-request assistance. Our client service team and your advisor work diligently to get back to all inquires within one business day. Our open door policy is great for any items in between meetings- questions, events, resources, you'll be in the know for it all.

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