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Busy Professionals

We help executives, engineers, scientists, and other busy professionals proactively manage company stock, seamlessly coordinate benefits, optimize your portfolio and reduce taxes

Services Include:

    • Plan for your equity compensation – Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP), Incentive Stock Option (ISO), Non-Qualified (NQs) and others
    • Help with concentrated stock positions
    • Plan a tax-conscious liquidation strategy, considering different grants, holding periods, and outside cash needs
    • Plan and execute a trading strategy including price targets, market vs limit orders, using options for long shares, considering liquidity constraints due to trading volume, liquidation order, and so on
    • Assess ways to hedge the risks of a concentrated holding, such as the use of options on long shares, if permitted and suitable
    • Assist in the drafting of 10b5-1 plan provisions
    • Understand how vested and unvested stock options may be treated if you leave the company or retire
    • Explore cashless or sell-to-cover exercises of stock options
    • Implement a multi-year diversification strategy through an ongoing wealth management advisory relationship
    • Coordinate the approach with your tax advisor and estate planning attorney
    • Understand unique employer benefit packages – in additional to navigating company stock holdings, we’ve amassed comprehensive knowledge on the offerings such as
      • 401k Retirement Plan
        • Which investments to pick?
        • Which type of contributions to make?
        • When to roll over?
        • How to get your 401(k) match
        • “Mega-Backdoor 401k” - How can I save more than the standard limit in my 401(k) this year?!
      • Executive Fee Reimbursement -Will my employer pay for professional financial advice?
      • Coordinate with your tax professional
  • Executive Deferred Compensation
    • Should you save and how much?
    • How should I receive my deferred compensation payments?
    • How to invest deferred compensation?
  • Life Insurance
    • Is my employer life insurance enough?
    • Should you buy through my employer or my own policy?
  • Disability Insurance
    • Do I need disability insurance?
    • Which types of disability insurance do I need?
    • How much insurance should I buy?
    • Is it better to purchase insurance at work or on my own?
  • Health Insurance
    • Should I contribute to a Health Savings Account?
    • What should I do about health insurance coverage when it’s time to leave work?
  • Tailor strategies around concentrated stock
    • Investing – In cases where holding concentrated positions make sense due to tax consequences, we offer personalized investment solutions- Options not suitable for all clients in certain cases we utilize option strategies for concentrated positions
    • Gifting - Consider ways to further your charitable or legacy goals through different investment (e.g., Donor Advised Funds or gifting appreciated shares to children)

What you can expect from us,

should you choose to embark on your financial journey with Stratos Private Wealth, we want you to take our service on a test drive. Three meetings to help define your life goals, gain a better understanding of where you're at now and a plan for going forward. Confidential, trusted and complimentary. 

Ambassador Call
No strings attached. We'll simply have a quick call to learn more about you, your priorities, assess if we can add value to your financial picture and to gauge potential fit.
Introductory Meeting

We'll spend 90-minutes together going through our honest conversation, a behavioral finance exercise to determine what's most important to you and gather data to build your financial plan. 

Custom Plan Design
With a clear understanding of your aspirations, priorities and goals, our guides will curate a plan. After, we'll take 60-minutes to walk you through your roadmap and gather feedback to make any adjustments
Our advisors will meet with you a final time to share actionable recommendations for your portfolio based off priority and tailor-made to your unique circumstances. 

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