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Chris Reyes1 min read

2024 Outlook: Navigating Uncertainty Webinar recap

Time to Read: 2 Minutes

Welcome to 2024! The market rallied at the end of 2023 as positive economic data and dovish Fed commentary bolstered investor confidence that rate cuts would come sooner than previously expected. While we avoided an almost universally-predicted recession in 2023, a soft landing isn’t a foregone conclusion. In our latest webinar, SPW president Jeff Brown discusses the inflation and growth data points the Fed is watching, a potential path forward for interest rates, lingering risks, and our current outlook. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Massive end of year rally bolstered 2023 returns
  • Powell ‘Pivot’ has market expecting 6 rate cuts in 2024, while most market strategists disagree
  • Inflation continues to recede, despite ‘sticky’ antiquated shelter index
  • Economic growth continues with a recession in 2024 still on the table, as is a soft landing
  • Uncertainty in 2024 surrounding election, geopolitics, rate cuts (and the reason for them) should be viewed against objective indicators for tactical market moves
  • Most of these objective indicators support equities and fixed income over cash currently

The SPW team is grateful for your continued confidence and, as always, we encourage you to reach out to your advisor if you have any questions. 

Data sourced from Ned Davis Research ((NDR))  @copyright Ned Davis Research , Inc. 

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Chris Reyes

Director of Trading at Stratos Private Wealth